Services Offered According to the Project’s Status


Phase I: Planning.-

  • Studies, feasibility analysis, advice on managing certificates and permits.
  • Definition and description of the project’s reach.
  • Criteria definition for the project.
  • Definition of the organizational structure for the project
  • Production of alternatives for the project (draft).
  • Technical and financial analysis of the alternatives.
  • Production of the project’s master plan.
  • Production of the project’s plans, guidelines, and specifications.
  • Development of a detailed work schedule for implementation.
  • Consultancy for construction permits, certifications for providing services, among others.

Phase II Implementation.-


  • Preparation of technical specifications for equipment and materials.
  • Suppliers rating.
  • Analysis of deals.
  • Preparation of contract documents.
  • Placement of purchase orders.
  • Purchase order follow-up.


  • Review of Plans, specifications and details.
  • Development of methodologies and construction sequences.
  • Quality control inspection of supplies.
  • Management of the building work resources (labor, materials, and team).
  • Preparation of contract documents.
  • Monitoring, analysis and comparison of projections and results in terms of time and cost.

Building Work Control

  • Preparation of reports of studies, tests and specifications of the work.
  • Reviewing and monitoring the work, inspection reports, and construction documents.
  • Observation of tests, factory inspections and certificates of origin.
  • Advice to the inspection and building work staff.
  • Analysis of quality control testing.
  • Review and approval of periodic reports.
VIEDIFICA Est. 1979 S.A.